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Hi there!  I'm Caitlin and I am truly excited to meet you and offer you my gifts!
After practicing and teaching yoga for a number of years, my body started talking to me and asking questions I couldn't seem to answer.  I've always had  a keen interest in the human body and its potential for transformation. My own circumstances led me to seek out various body-workers around the world.
Amazed by the healers I was blessed to work with, I became a Licensed Massage Therapist. I believe that profound healing is set in motion through effective touch. In addition, I am continuously fascinated by our ever-expanding awareness of the mind-body connection. Transform™ Bodywork is a therapy I've created, which combines conscious and intuitive touch, with influences from eastern modalities, to achieve truly transformative results for my clients.
We asked Caitlin to share some of her own tips for on & off the massage table:
"I like to incorporate hot towels and grounding essential oils, which I think contribute to a successfully integrated treatment."
My fav wellness activity is reading next to my diffuser! The combination of the soothing sounds of babbling water and the aroma of the essential oils is so relaxing.  That and daily exercise - so important!
Top tip for self care after a massage: structure the rest of your day so that it is stress free! This way you're able to receive the full benefits of your treatment.  In other words, relax 🙂 This is especially important because bodywork can often stir up deeply embedded emotional patterns which, without proper awareness, can be projected into unrelated situations that you may find yourself in later that day!